Missed the 5-Day Higher Legs Challenge? Catch Up Now!

Issue #6_2024

5-Day Higher Legs Challenge!

Hello beautiful Reader,

From June 10th to 15th, we embarked on an incredible journey with the 5-Day Higher Legs Challenge on my YouTube channel, Dancing with Yamile. If you missed it or want to revisit any of the sessions, I have good news—the videos will be available until July 12th!

Here’s a quick recap and direct links to each practice:

Day 1: Focused on "waves" to strengthen the back muscles and the standing leg for a higher arabesque. Join the practice here.

Day 2: Targeted the core muscles, the glutes, the leg muscles and the hip flexors for higher "à la seconde et en avant." Go to the practice here.

Day 3: Introduced the THERABAND to work on the stability and strength of the muscles involved in the higher arabesque. Go to the video here and follow along. If you don't have a THERABAND don't let that stop you, the practice will be effective also without a THERABAND.

Day 4: Worked on strengthening the iliopsoas (the secret muscle) for a higher "à la seconde et en avant." If you are tired of not being able to get those legs beyond 90 Degrees, join the practice here.

Day 5: Focused on alignment and strengthening the back for a higher and clean arabesque. Go to the practice here.

To everyone who participated, a huge congratulations! 🎉 I would love to hear your thoughts on the challenge. Please reply to this email or comment on the videos to share your experience. Let me know which practice was your favourite so that my next YouTube challenge is even better :)

If you haven’t joined yet, there’s still time to get those legs higher and perfect your technique. Let’s continue to grow and achieve our ballet goals together!

Music credit for the videos (excluding intro and ending): The wonderful music in all of the videos from the 5-Day Higher Legs Challenge is by composer Daniel Williams. If you enjoyed it, check out his music on Bandcamp here.

THANK YOU to Thomas Winkler from Ballettstudio Espiral & Susan Schubert from the TENZA Schmiede for letting me use the space for the videos. THANK YOU to Daniel Williams for the music. THANK YOU Reader for joining the challenge!

With love and appreciation,

Yamile Anaid Navarro Luna

from Dancing with Yamile

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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